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Martin plays guitar for Third Stone Circus. His dad took him to his first rock concert and after getting introduced to his record collection he was infected by the world of rock music. Listening to bands like The Rolling Stones, AC/DC and Pink Floyd over and over again he got to the point where he went away from the keyboards to learn the guitar.
At the age of thirteen he got his first spanish “Cuenca” guitar and started taking lessons to get his grounding. Pretty soon he jumped on the electric guitar and played along with records all the way through the 70ies and 80ies.

The first experience he made playing with other musicians was in high school bands. Later on forming some bands with school buddies and friends to play backyard concerts and newcomer contests. Listening to his biggest idols like Metallica, Alice in Chains, Eric Clapton all the way through The Rolling Stones or The Beatles, keeps him going on the 6-String to get better every day.


Those who can no longer wonder and lose in awe are mentally already dead.

– Albert Einstein